I had the pleasure of helping to create From Burma to New York, a multimedia project about newly arrived Burmese refugees, with two partners. The story-telling is primarily done through videos, one of which won a Webby Award.

Here’s a video I shot and edited in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Columbia Business School’s Social Enterprise Program.

In 2009 I spent three months shooting and editing videos for Clarín, the largest newspaper in Argentina. While I was there, Raúl Alfonsín, the first president elected after the military dictatorship, passed away. Here are some videos and photos from the days after his death, which were marked by a huge public outpouring of grief. And here are some other print/video stories I worked on: a profile of Cine en Movimiento, a group that teaches low-income teenagers to make movies; and a look at Americans who moved to Buenos Aires after the 2007 financial crisis.

The impact of the 2008 economic crisis on everyday consumers in Buenos Aires:

A video profile of Los Incarys, a Bolivian band that plays the trains of Buenos Aires and the bars and restaurants of Liniers, a Bolivian enclave on the city’s western edge:

And here’s a video shot closer to home, near where I grew up in southern Brooklyn. It shows the efforts of Mixteca Organization to help recent immigrants learn to read and write in Spanish using a program designed by the Mexican government. Advocates say tackling Spanish literacy first makes it much easier to learn English and pick up tech skills.


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